We are so passionate about our wonderfully talented Local Artisans here at Dilly's Delights, and we just love sharing their stories with you.

One such very talented Artist is Tania Rose of Tania Rose Music.

Born in 1971, Tania Rose is a passionate musician, author and artist living south-west of Sydney, Australia. Since 1991 she has been actively involved in the creative arts and working with people with disabilities, as an educator, consultant and field worker.

Known most notably as the music composer to the multi-award-winning film, Coral Sea Dreaming in her early career, her work in this project led her into the area of Music and Health, which has included the development and release of audio projects in sleep and relaxation music, self-help, and children’s stories.

Tania Rose describes herself as “a creative optimist in the face of an ever-changing world”. Her passion for empowering the self is infectious, and her love of teaching evident. Tania’s business, Artscope Music and Management, provides music tuition for individuals, runs workshop programs for groups, and offers services in music production. Tania Rose is an engaging motivational speaker, who enjoys sharing a dialogue with those she meets, and is a supporter of open communication and the community spirit.

We have a great range or Tania Rose Music CDs and Coral Sea Dreaming DVDs and Blurays available for purchase at Dilly's Delights; we find that the work day is so much more enjoyable when we're listening to the soothing sounds of Tania Rose.

You can stay up to date with Tania through her Website http://taniarose.net/ or her Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/taniarosemusic