Your privacy is very important to us here at Dilly’s Delights. We do not store or share any personal information about our customers. The website stores a ‘cookie’ that recognises the device that is connecting to the website. This is purely used to keep track of the items in your shopping cart. Without storing a cookie we would require our customers to login to the website when they wanted to shop with us. We all have enough user name and passwords to remember without adding one more. This cookie is a small piece of data that is sent from you to us and back again so that we can recognise that you are adding an item to your cart. When it comes time to actually pay for your items, that entire transaction happens in the Paypal system and we do not store any of those details. Paypal notifies us of a transaction and we ship the items accordingly.

In addition we use Google Analytics to track what our customers are doing on the site. This helps us by making the site easier to use, spotting potential problems and responding to the way our customers use this site. No personally identifiable information is stored in that transaction apart from the country of origin.

If you contact us using our ‘Contact Us’ form your email is sent to us so that we can respond to that enquiry. We don’t share, sell or otherwise disseminate that information to anyone. It is purely used so that we can respond to your query.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us and if you have any questions about this policy or anything to with our business please contact us by using our contact form here.

Lyn, Peter and Tania at Dilly’s Delights.